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Residential Cleaning


Providing house cleaning services in Sydney, NSW since 1993, Shire Budget Cleaning’s friendly and experienced cleaning and housekeeping professionals will give you a superior clean every time. We can provide every-day domestic cleaning services like cobweb removal, counter top cleaning specifically for kitchen cleaning, as well as occasional jobs that are done on the rotation basis, like appliance cleaning. We offer different cleaning plans for different places of your house, like the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom and the sitting area.

Need assistance cleaning up after a big celebration? Need to clean the whole house before the relative visit? Moving house? Or maybe you are finding that cleaning is becoming more difficult due to age or injury. Our house cleaning experts in SYDNEY can be your best friend at those daunting times. Starting from the ceiling fans to the toilets, from carpet cleaning to staircase cleaning, ovens to bathtubs, we do it all for you.

We specialise in regular cleaning so we are confident we will provide you a service of a higher standard than all other companies in Sydney. For us, the service we provide is more than just a clean. We are all about the little finishing touches that will put a smile on your face and make your day.

Shire Budget cleaning specialise in delivering regular cleaning services to our clients across Sydney. We can even organise for the same cleaner to come to you for weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning services.

why choose us? Amazing benifits with us

With a positive and proactive approach, Shire Budget Cleaning partners with clients, identifying their unique needs to develop a comprehensive and customised cleaning solution, which is constantly scrutinised, tweaked and adapted as required in our perpetual endeavour to exceed expectations.

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